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FURNITRIX is a private woodworking art & craft workshop aimed to hand-made wooden products and designed furniture


I started up my own business in 2010 after fifteen years of experience in joinery and cabinetry. I cooperate with few other craftsmen. We produce our own products or supply our clients with services in the range of furniture design, manufacturing and fitting, wood turning and carving, surface finishing, repairs and restorations of antique furniture.


We make modern or traditional style furniture such as fitted bedroom wardrobes, kitchens and free standing furniture. We are able to manufacture wooden componets, various single wooden objects and toys. We can prepare and proceed orders for unified items in small batch production.

Z. Rumler

Joinery & Cabinetry



Custom woodworking

  • Making of a new furniture according to customer's plans.
  • Repairs of the antique furniture or framework repairs or renewal of the finishing.
  • Making replicas of the styled furniture or it's components on the basis of original pieces or drawings.
  • Hand-made copies of damaged or missing wooden parts of the architectonic elements of the building exterior and interior.
  • Replenishing of the missing or damaged parts of carved wooden sculptures and relief.
  • Wood turning of the small furniture components and accessories or their copies.
  • Carved lettering.


Furniture making

  • Making of furniture according to custom plans.
  • Making of graphical designs on the basis of custom demands or own creativity.
  • Manufacturing and fitting of wardrobes, kitchens, storage shelving.
  • Office and home working desks and cabinets and tables.
  • Reception desks



Our products are made of good quality materials only. We supply solid timber frameworks, doors, tables and cabinets or staircases. We use sheet materials such as a birch plywood, veneered MDF, laminates and artificial stones for manufacturing of contemporary styled furniture. We provide finishing with sprayed lacquers, wood dying, french polishing, laminating.


Custom services

  • We offer free local measuring and quotation for fitted furniture.
  • We supply design proposals and drawing plans. We provide local delivery and furniture fitting in Lancashire area.
  • We supply small items worldwide. We accept orders from oversea customers for manufacturing of special wooden objects





Planning and designing processes of new products for series manufacturing differ from designing of single items or requirements for unique interior solutions. We always deeply discuss requirements of clients to get the right specifics before we start to design new project.


In the first stage of furnishing or adapting of existing interiors we take measures of the place and we discuss custom requirements. Then we decide if there is a need to make a 3D model of the space or just quick draft with specification. This decision depends on costliness of the project. We are willing to come and observe client place and talk about suitable solution. After that, we can quote the intended project. In the next step, there is a possibility to work out drawings and visualization of the project. This documentation can be used for our manufacturing purpose or it would be sold to our client as a final product.


We can inspect your existing drawings or design drafts to price our manufacturing costs before we take an order from you. Our quotation is free. To obtain a quote for manufacturing of furniture or other wooden objects send as an email with job specification and we will work out our offer or contact you with our requirement for additional information.


Furnitrix production propagates awareness of the quality of craftsmanship between customers, keeps and pass on knowledges of previous generations about their ways of making and artistic rendering of objects surrounding us. There is incorporated contemporary technology in creation of new products. Drawings and other documents are made using computer designing programs which provides required precision for templates and subsequent production of individual components.

Furniture design proposal
Various design modifications

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