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Worldwide distribution of the unique products from our workshop.

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We present our own products with innovative construction and unique design. We distribute these items ourself. A wide range of art works can be found here, but there is a limited availability of these products. These individual art works such as vases, bowls, candlesticks, jewellery boxes or other carved and turned wooden objects can be purchased only from us. It is possible to order manufacturing with custom modification, such as different colour or finishing or material change. If you want to order such a product, you can contact us and we would be glad to deal with your request.

guitar stand

Unique products from our workshop.

In addition to custom production and repairs, I am concerned with my own arts and crafts creations. Results of this activity are introduced and offered for sale on this website.


There are represented single items which are not based on the templates. Rendition of these art works depends on available type of material or unique structure of wood as well as on the creator's instant inventiveness.


As a part of my interest, I am developing a new types of constructions and designs for electric guitars, guitar holders, musical instrument accessories or other usefull products for your household or office. They are standardized products which are manufactured in small batches or even as a single pieces but always they are produced on the bases of our own templates. This method guarantees uniformity of the final products, although appearance of every single item may differ in natural colouring or unique structure of wood.


This manufacturing process is used for the purpose of uniformity of all items and reliable functionality of the product. It's not about massive industrial production but hand crafting of the fine quality materials and assembling of the components which are made using traditional procedures and precisely prepared templates and drawings. Hand-made surface finishing provides smooth and clean appearance with fine well made details. This is the best way how to accentuate shape of the product or colour and natural structure of wood. Carefully selected high-grade materials and components and new structural design together with ergonomic and tasteful shapes are the aspects that make these products completely different from ordinary commercial production. If you acquire a product made in such a way than you will appreciate it's functionality and aesthetic value.


Creating of a new construction and to standardize a design of such a product is a difficult and expensive process. Rate on return on investment depends on quantity of the sold items. Only the products made by Furnitrix are available for sale on this website and they are priced on the bases of our production and development costs only because of the elimination of the expenses for the third party sale.

Z. Rumler

Precisely designed laptop stand - computer graphics and real photos

In addition to our wide range of woodworking activities we started to make unique electric guitars.

These are custom-made musical instruments. There is a separated website for guitars from our workshop.


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